January Virtual Team Challenge Results

All the monitors have been polled, and the final results for the Charles River portion of the Concept2 virtual team challenge are in. Congratulations to all the participants, especially our top 5 women and men, and Community Rowing Inc, which took the overall total meters rowed prize, with 30,320,451.

Top 5 Women:

  1. Ilana Zieff                  Riverside         703,117 meters
  2. Katherine Warming   CBC                 544,398 meters
  3. Jillian Zieff                 Riverside         493,000 meters
  4. Catherine Sheehan   Union               446,475 meters
  5. Kelly Albanir              Riverside          429,954 meters

Top 5 Men:

  1. Jacob Georgeson       Riverside      836,875 meters
  2. Kevin Meador             Riverside       756,969 meters
  3. Daniel Chernoff          CBC               682,087 meters
  4. Brendon Stoner          Riverside       669,669 meters
  5. John Sara                   CBC               642,671 meters

Stay tuned for details for prizes and awards ceremony.




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