Training Update from Josh and Andrew

Training Update from Josh and Andrew


In preparation for the Olympic Trials, we have been splitting our time between Boston and Sarasota, FL. Just as the water finally froze over in January, we were off to Nathan Benderson Park to log copious miles and build our aerobic and technical base. We were blessed with extremely gracious and hospitable hosts in Karla and Roy Dupuis, whose son is a lightweight rower for Harvard. In addition, our “winter break” overlapped with Harvard’s, which led to some solid race pieces against the Harvard lightweight fours.

Lest the warmer climes make us too soft, we returned to Boston in late January to put in some solid (yet grueling) work on the ergometers. As much as we enjoyed this interlude, we were more than happy to fly back down to Sarasota in mid-February for three weeks. We were joined by our Riverside training partners Jake Georgeson and Peter Schmidt, as well as several crews from Potomac Boat Club, Penn Athletic Club, and Craftsbury Sculling Center. This amalgam of crews made for a great competitive environment as we increased our training intensity for spring racing.

We came back to Boston in mid-March. With the river open for rowing, we continued honing our racing skills on the Charles. We are now back in Florida for a month before the Trials. We are looking forward to great training and racing to come!

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